Posted on May 16, 2004

“Hi Jim. I was introduced to your cabs while visiting Roger Sadowsky’s shop in NYC last November. Long story short, I was so impressed that I purchased two HT-322’s (through BassNorthwest). I wanted to wait until I had played several shows with my new cabs before sending you my thoughts. I’ve read many of the “Posted Comments” on your website, and I absolutely concur with all the positive feedback. I’m now in my mid-40’s and have been gigging steadly since high school. Over the years I’ve spent tons of dough on the best offerings from many of the big names, starting with Acoustic 360’s in the early 70’s to GK to SWR and for the past 8 years I’ve been using Eden. Bottom line is, your cabs blow ’em all away! There simply isn’t any comparison! The CLARITY from lows to highs is absolutely amazing! After a 4 set gig cranking out old-school Funk, your cabs show no sign of fatigue whatsoever! They are still as crystal clean as they were on the first song of the night. The low end seems to have endless capacity. I’ve tested them at very high volume, and I simply cannot get these cabs to ‘break-up’! My Eden cabs would have started “farting” big time given the same treatment. The mids are focussed and very musical, never harsh… and WOW that tweeter! Unbelievable! The transition from woofer to tweeter is velvety smooth, no detectable coloration… just glassy clean highs! I also want to thank you for taking the time on the phone sharing your insight and advice. Your commitment to customer service is something you just don’t find these days. Since purchasing your cabs, I’ve completely revamped my rig, and many of the choices I’ve made have been because of your recommendations. FYI: The two basses I’m playing now are: 2004 Sadowsky PJ and a 1974 Fender Jazz (run thru a Sadowsky outboard Preamp)… into a Demeter VTBP-201S Preamp… then into a Crest-Audio CA9 power amp. Occasionaly I use a compressor (DBX 160A), …plus the usual stuff: Korg DTR-1 Tuner, Furman AR-1215 Voltage Regulator, Furman PL-Plus Conditioner, Monster Cables. I will say that at most club gigs, I only use ONE of the HT-322’s. Using two is simply over-kill… but on a big stage or an outdoor show, having both cabs is incredible. Talk about HEAD-ROOM! Your advice to go with the Demeter was exactly what I was looking for! Perfectly clean reproduction, it really allows the SOUND OF MY BASS to fill the room. AND you were absolutely right about the Crest-Audio CA9 amp. After all the research and comparing that I’ve done, I’m so happy with it! When I A/B’d it against one of my QSC PLX 3402’s, I was astonished at the difference! The CA9 just crushed the QSC! I use three 3402’s in my PA, and they serve me well (with multiple amps, weight is a factor), but having the CA9 in my bass rig just blows away the QSC! And BTW, I really like the SOUND of the CA9 over the Crown Mac-2402. The Mac is a great amp to be sure, it would have been my 2nd choice, but with the Mac you pay for a lot of features (PIP, etc.) that aren’t used in a bass rig, and to my ears the CA9 just sounds “warmer” than the Mac. Jim, you really have raised the bar with your incredible cabs. I feel very fortunate to have connected with you. Many good players are out there using XLT’s and Goliaths and they simply don’t know what they don’t know. I’m just glad I’m no longer one of ’em!” Thank you. Ron – Sacramento, CA