Posted on June 16, 2008

“I have been using my HT-110 speakers for about almost a year now. I gig with them at least two times per week and they are without a doubt the best speakers I have ever owned. I have been playing for over thirty years and I have always felt there was something lacking in whatever setup I happened to be playing through. Until now. About a year ago I purchased a used HT210. It is a great sounding cabinet but it was hard to get it up and down my stairs. I called Jim Bergantino to ask him about the HT-112 cabinets and he told me that he was also producing a 1X10 cabinet with the same speaker and horn as the HT-210. My HT-110 cabinets have excelled in every musical situation where I have used them and they are really easy to move around. Thank You Jim for these wonderful speakers. ” Marc Silva – Bassist – Little Rodger and the Cheap Thrills