Posted on May 20, 2008

“I bought the new HT/EX112ER stack and am totally blown away with these cabs. At first I wasn’t sure if I cared for them as they didn’t sound as good as my old HT/EX112 stack with my WW Ultra, but the more I listened to these cabs and tried different heads with them something kept telling me that they seemed to be voiced perfectly for a SWR SM400. So I found a SM400 and when I heard this combination my jaw hit the floor and it hasn’t come back up yet. The SM400 brings more out of these cabs than any other head I tried and it takes very little EQ’ing to get it there. Punchy, thick, quick, and a lot of detail. In my 30+ years of playing and going through A LOT of gear, I can honestly say this rig is THE BEST!! ” Mark David