Posted on June 23, 2003

“Jim, What can I say? I just played my first gig with the HT322. And you were right! It’s more than enough for almost all stadium playing (Modesto A’s anyways). I really can hardly believe my ears. My bandmates were in awe, along with me. Combined with my new EBS TD650, your HT322 is by far, BY FAR, the best sounding, fastest action, punchy, thunderously deep-toned, and very loud cabinet I have ever heard. There is no irritating hiss coming from the tweeter, and I truly enjoy the tweeter attenuator being flat at the one extreme setting and then one can only decrease it from there. That’s a very nice choice of building it this way. I really appreciated the personal touch when you responded to one of my e-mails with a telephone call. Your advice has proven to be the best I received, along with the Dealer recommendations of Evan, Chad, and Aaron at Bass Northwest of Seattle, WA. I will never need another cabinet other than my one HT322. It’s awesome! I may WANT another one, but I will never NEED another cabinet. If I end up succumbing to my WANT and decide to buy a second new cabinet, I will definitely choose another Bergantino. There really is no other choice for me now. I am going to go through a lot of ear plugs because of you, Jim!” Thanks again, Marsh