Posted on June 25, 2003

“Another profoundly elated Bergantino HT322 owner here. I am finally posting a comment after using my Bergantino HT322 in rehearsals and gigs for a couple months. Thanks again for the great service from John Dimaggio at Bass Alone in San Diego, Ca. The combination of my Ashdown ABM500 EVO RC (rack mount chrome) and my Bergantino HT322 make tones that are amazing! They are deep, ballsy, crystal clear, punchy, authoritative, and modern or old school and posses sweet harmonic character that cuts through the mix. I never fail to get compliments from my tone now. It has become common to see raised eyebrows and an acknowledging grin from band mates and audience members. When they approach me after the set, I know what they’re going to say without fail. “Man, what is that? What a GREAT tone!” Jim gave me the most superb service with quick, helpful and detailed replies to my emails before and after my purchase. Thanks again to Jim B. for simply superb, first class service. You have a Bergantino evangelist anytime you want! Now I want a modular HT112 and EX112. Or an HT115 and HT210 combination. Just because I can! You make the BEST bass cabinets on the planet!” Gary Roberts