Posted on Mar. 28, 2003

“Okay, I just got my 6’10 bergy cab, most likely the first to own and use one. Jim did an unbelievable job on it, special love was sent my way on this one. Anyways, if you don’t own one ask yourself this question, WHY? Jaw dropping is how I describe it. It will rip your head off. I play rock music and this thing is rock. I use an Ashdown 900evo to power it which I feel is the only choice, but Jim has some things in the works that I wouldn’t be surprised that will end up rivaling the Ashdown, but he will be hard pressed cus they make an incredible product. But back to Jim. This cab will blow away any 8’10 out there no questions asked. You can hear every note distinctively. The highs, cut through like a knife through butter, the lows are so impressive that I think I orgasmed the first time. And there’s all the mid you’ll ever need. By far the best purchase of my life. I have heard everything, but nothing compares to the quality and craftmanship of a Bergantino speaker system. Do yourself a favor and get a 6 10″. It changed my life and I know it will yours.” Ryan Hoover QUOTA