Posted on Mar. 31, 2003

“I received my HT322 this week from Bass Emporium in Austin, TX and have to give my opinion of your work. I have owned and gigged extensively with Hartke, Eden and SWR, all 4×10’s and the best of each label. I can say that this cabinet is the best all around that I have ever heard. I A/B’d it with a Demeter pre and Stewart power against the Aguilar GS410 and Epifani T-410 (both great cabinets) and it wasn’t even close. The best thing I can say is that it has all the best traits of bottom, mid and top without any harshness, mud or boom. I can play with fingers, thumb and pick without changing EQ and get the sound that I am supposed to get with the different techniques.” “I want another one! Oh yes, it will be mine.”