Posted on May 9, 2005

“HOLY MOLY!!! I was blown away when I tested out the Bergantino HT112 & EX112 bass cabinets @ Guitar X. After I left the store I said to myself ” I got’s to sell my SWR cabinets”. I was so impressed with the clarity and amazed with the power handling of these cabinets(big sound in a little package). Playing in the clubs with these cabinets has turned heads. I have never received so many compliments from musicians and non-musicians regarding the sound of these cabinets on stage. Everyone and even the band members were amazed as to how clear, clean, and punchy my sound was. I use the Aguliar SC 500 watt head to power these babies and my Fender Jazz and Lakland Basses sound great with this combination. The Bergantino 12’s has ended my pilgrimage for that ultimate bass cabinet. Jim, a Rocky Mountain High Salute to you and your staff for great sounding bass cabinets. Thanks Again. ” JP Blues – Lakewood, CO