Posted on May 9, 2005

“After a fairly exhaustive comparison, the day I heard the HT210, my search was over. I have been listening to all variety of cabinets, and my basic requirements in a 2×10 were: natural sound, ability to punch hard (when necessary) and not weigh a million pounds. I auditioned the “usual suspects” (ampeg, SWR, Hartke, Aguliar, Trace Elliot, GK, Fender and even the venerable Eden 210xlt). The “Berg” soundly thrashed them all (in my opinion). No disrespect to any of the above brands, but for accurate, articulate and faithful reproduction of what your bass sounds like, the Berg was simply the best. When mated with my Ashdown rig, Tobias or Alembic basses, it really sings. One thing…..beware of crappy front ends with this cabinet. If your bass or preamp sounds less than good, the Berg will reveal all. Keep up the great stuff guys. ” RJ – Detroit, MI