Posted on Oct. 7, 2003

“Hello, I wanted to drop a note here to give my impressions on my brand new Bergantino HT322. It arrived yesterday right in time for my rehearsal last night, plugged it into the WT800 and I’m completely speachless. I thought that there was nothing that could equal the sound of my Eden 410xlt….equal?…how bout, in a completly different ballpark!…This speaker cabinet is the very best on the market today!…..I heard the real sound of my Us Masters 5-string bass for the very first time last night…compeletly uncolored and beatufiully articulate with crisp highs and earthshaking lows!….now all I have to do is figure out how to afford the 2-10….so I can have the best sounding rig on this planet!!!..Thanks Jim” Jordan