Posted on Sept. 20, 2003

“Ever wish you could get that great, direct-to-the board tone live? I am a utility player — in the course of an average year I will gig with bass (electric and acoustic, fretted and fretless), pedal steel, electric guitar (lots of different ones), acoustic guitar (including 12-string and classical), keyboard, banjo. I play just about every style from time to time, I’m playing pedal steel(!) in a fusion band right now. I’ve been a full-time pro for over 30 years and have been fighting with tone for most of it. I’ve tried everything — different amps for different instruments, other high-end cabinets (bag end, EAW, aguilar) PA equipment, even took a couple of urei studio monitors on the road for a while. (big mistake). I bought a couple of HT-112’s about three months ago and, it was like, Eureka! That’s tone. They are warm, accurate, and crisp, and LOUD without being harsh with EVERY instrument I use live and even a couple I don’t (any Bouzouki guys out there? Oud? Lute? I use those sometimes too). Depending on the instrument I play through a Sansamp PSA-1, a Tubefex, and an Alembic F-2B with a Stewart 1.2 power amp. On a typical week I might play anywhere from a bar gig to a 40-foot stage and this rig is plenty for any of it — and it all fits in the trunk of my car. I’m not a big techie and have no idea why these things are so hi-fi but whatever it is, IT WORKS. Worth every nickel. I am in awe, Jim. Thanks.” Westside Johnny Tulsa, OK