Artist and Luthier Chuck Thornton

“I have used many different amps and cabinets throughout the past 46 years of playing and 32 years of designing and building and I have to say that I love the tone I get from my Bergantino cabs.  I not only use them for the band I play bass for but for clients to hear my basses when they come to my shop. I had originally purchased two HD210 cabs and two HD112 cabs but quickly realized that even for outdoor gigs I didn’t need all four cabs. One of my clients who came to my shop to buy a 5 string heard these cabinets and bought the two of them from me and then from my understanding purchased the Bergantino amp to go with them.”

Location: Sumner, Maine

Bergantino Equipment Used: HD210 and HD112 cabs

Associated Band: