Bergantino Artist Eric Madunic

“My relationship with Bergantino Audio Systems cabinets started in August of 2013 when I purchased a brand new NV610 sight unseen based on a recommendation from a friend and also by reading countless great reviews about it. It wound up being the best “blind date” I ever went on because it has turned into a full-blown love affair with Bergantino products! The NV610 just blew me away with the pure, uncolored tone it offers… taking a blanket off of your cabinet and hearing what your bass is supposed to sound like. I wanted more Bergs after that and have since expanded my arsenal to include an NV215 and an HD410 (with more on the way)! No matter if I’m doing session work or playing live, I always get compliments on my tone thanks to my Bergantino bass cabinets. They are the best out there in my opinion – both in build quality and tone and will take whatever you throw at them without breaking a sweat.”

Bergantino Artist: Eric Madunic

Location:  Wisconsin

Bergantino equipment used: forté head, forté HP head, HD410, HDN212, HG412, NV610, NV215


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