David Goldflies

Bergantino Artist David Goldflies

“I used the new bass rig on the gig – Blistering! If my notes were made of fluffy pastries before, they are now made out of tempered steel. Just clear, responsive, loud, nuanced — I play chords and every note is pristine. I used a Zoom B9.1ut effects pedal with it (Hartke amp pre) and the whole system gave me a new level of punch and crunch in the notes.” “The Forté has been rock solid, which is the first priority for any equipment used in performance. The sound has been clear and responsive. The Forté is providing me with all sorts of shades and nuance in my sound.”

Location: Florida

Gear: The forte’, the HG410 and the HDN212. They are both light and compact, and I can stack them for a very small stage footprint. Together they are incredible.

Bands: Allman Goldflies Band, Panama City POPS Orchestra, The New Electronic Orchestra

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