Bergantino Artist Matthew Denis

A Los Angeles native, Matthew has been working as a professional touring and session musician for over a decade.

Whether with vintage pop artists like LP or modern hard rock acts like Diamante, crafting a sound that’s right for the song is always his #1 priority.

“I’ve never played through an amp that impressed me as much as the HP does, and I’ve used all of the big names and most of the classics: everything about the design is incredibly musical and intuitive, and every engineer who has heard it was incredulous that there aren’t any tubes in it.

The headroom is incredible, it’s remarkably versatile, and the fact that one of the best fuzz circuits I’ve ever heard for bass is built right into the amp, and updated circuit designs can be loaded in seconds via USB on the front panel, is icing on the cake.

Bergantino is currently making the best bass amplifiers on the market.”

Matthews Story:

Location: Los Angeles, California

Associated Bands: Diamante

Bergantino Gear: The Bergantino forté HP, and an NXT212, NXV212, and the Super Pre Bass Preamp

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