Bergantino Artist Gene Richau

“LOVE your cabinets, (but my wife doesn’t). At one point my garage was beginning to look like a Bergantino museum. 1 AE410, 1 CN112, 2 HD112’s, a CN212 and the HG310. Have been downsizing the arsenal as of late but at one point I’m pretty confident she was considering sending me to therapy 😀 Thanks for doing what you do, you’re making a lot bassists happy, which is not an easy feat lol!!”

Location: Corona, California

Bergantino Equipment Used: Past rigs: AE410, AE212, AE112 stack, CN212, CN112/HD112 stack. Current rigs: HD112 stack, single HG310

Associated Band: Fear Of Phobias Band



Bergantino Artist Kevan Campbell

“The B Amp has been an incredible blessing for me; enough power to handle most rooms in Austin proper, an incredibly clean D.I. and useful EQ section for when I run out to a venue’s front-of-house, takes pedals quite well, small and portable enough to easily take with for fly dates. The HDN212 has been a powerhouse cab with the perfect balance of low end thump and high end clarity for me, and I LOVE how easy it is to carry.  Thanks for such great products, Jim!!”

Location: Austin, TX
Bergantino Equipment Used: B Amp, HDN212
Associated Bands:

Bergantino Artist Dan Africano

Dan Africano is a professional bassist from Denver, CO. Dan shares:

“The forté has been an amazing amp to have on the road so far. It’s got plenty of volume and the tone controls are very simple and easy to use. But the best thing about it is that what comes through the rig is quite simply the sound of my fingers, the strings, and the bass in pure form. With the EQ flat, there’s a tremendous amount of control that I have over my sound depending on what part of the string I’m playing and the tone control setting on my passive P bass. That’s really all I want from an amp – true translation of what I’m putting into the instrument – and that’s what the forté delivers.

About the cabs: “Bergantino makes the best bass gear, period. Nothing compares to the absolute clarity heard from these speakers. Accurate and transparent but large and full at the same time, which allows me to hear exactly what I’m playing with minimal coloration or noise. The ability to hear a more accurate and true representation of what I’m playing makes it possible to connect to my artistic expression a little closer to the source, which is truly a revelatory experience. These cabs are an inspiration.”

Location: Denver, CO

Bergantino Gear used: 2 x NV215, IP 112, EX 112, & the forté


Elephant Wrecking Ball ( )

John Brown’s Body ( )

Many other bands ( )

Styles: Reggae, Dub, Funk, Rock, Jazz

Basses: 4 string Fender Jazz and Precision Basses



Bergantino Artist Dan Veall

Dan Veall aka known as “DOOD” is a man with a myriad of talents- not only does he get the vote for the best hair but he is an artist with so many dimensions and a true blue bass geek! Dan is a UK based professional bass player, bass gear video reviewer, remote session artist and bassist for EON, Ostura and Iconic bands. One of Dan’s reviews was for the worldwide Guitar Interactive Magazine where he reviewed the Bergantino Audio Systems B|AMP and actually ended up purchasing the B|AMP.

Pro Bassist, Guitarist, Tutor, Media Project Leader, Workshops and Clinics, Magazine Columnist/Reviewer. International Recording Artist.

Location: England, UK

Bergantino Equipment Used: B|Amp,  HD112, CN212, HDN212

Associated Bands: Ostura: (Amadeus Awad’s) EON:  Iconic Party Band:


Bergantino Artist Kevin Jones

“My Bergantino Audio Systems gear allows me to go from a completely crystal clear sound useful for theater calls with my fretless all the way to a 60s-70s over-driven tube tone that allows me to cover a British hard rock feel. In one gig, I might be needing to go from fuzzed out to modern funk within the course of one set, and with the flexibility of both the cabinets and the B|Amp, I can do it all. You could play the Amp with no special settings and totally flat for the rest of your life with incredible satisfaction, but it’s great to be able to dial in exactly what I need for a particular song. The gear is as flexible and creative as you are.”

Location: Baltimore MD

Bergantino Equipment Used: B|Amp, HDN 210, HDN 112

Associated Bands: Kevin will be playing at the Chesapeake Arts Center for eight upcoming shows of “Heathers” the musical. Sacred Heart Contemporary Choir, as well as many bands including the Third-Wall Productions, Charm City Players, Glyndon Area Players, and The Deviations.

Bergantino Artist Zack Guinn

“I didn’t realize how unclear my sound truly was until I found this combination of Head and Cabinet, the sound cuts through and can be heard very very clearly. I use a Genz-Benz GBE 1200 and the Bergantino HT322 love it!! I also would like to add that this cabin does as advertised, it truly holds tune and the B string rings out for that low feel and sound.

My friend recommended a Bergantino cabinet with a head that has a true transformer in it, it’s heavy but you can’t substitute power and you know what?….he was absolutely RIGHT!!”

Location: Fayetteville, NC
Bergantino equipment used: HT322 bass cabinet
Associated Band: The FATBACK BAND
Band Website: