Posted on Jan. 12, 2008

“I recently bought a Bergantino HT112 & EX112 from BASS DIRECT in the UK. They are just as Mark (Bass Direct proprietor) described them – like powerful Hi-Fi speakers – clean, natural tone, and very loud for their size. The construction is second-to-none and will stand years of use (the covers are top-notch too). They even smell nice! They are certainly the best sounding cabs I have yet played through. My SWR sounded good, but these are in a different class. All my basses sound wonderful through them, particularly the active ones. The characteristics and subtleties of each instrument are all there. My Roscoe sings, and my old EMG’d P bass doesn’t know what’s hit it either. Thanks for making great products. ” Best Regards, Paul Drew Cardiff – Wales, UK