Bergantino Artist Mike Watt

Mike on the forte HP: 

“My first thought was, This is it. I bought it right away and took it straight on tour with me. I didn’t sit around and test it. I didn’t take a lot of time to make decisions, and I didn’t let it sit in a petri dish to investigate it. I just put the damn thing to work right away. And you know what, it exceeded all of my expectations. All the soundmen at the venues were tripping out about it. They couldn’t believe the sound I was getting out of the damn thing. Now Bergantino amps are all that I play through. Jim is onto a good design. If it can survive Watt, it can survive anything. It’s called the Watt test. First of all, I do a lot of gigs in row. I’ll go out on the road and play 50-60 nights straight. Secondly, I don’t play gently. If gear can go through all of that and come out working on the other side, then it’s something, man.”

Mike on the Super Pre:

“Every bass sounds different, which is why we want different basses in the first place. Instead of making every bass sound the same, this box plays up the quality of the instrument and what makes it unique. I use the Super Pre every day. I’m building profiles for every bass I have that fits the qualities of each one.”

Bergantino Audio Systems is proud to welcome Mike Watt to our family of artists!

Mike was kind enough to share his time and interview with Bass Magazine Editor and Chief Jon D’Auria and Bergantino Artist Matthew Denis regarding his tour, bass career and gear.

Mikes interview:

Mike Watts gear:

Bergantino forté HP, Bergantino Super Pre Bass Preamp, and the NXT212 speaker cabinet.

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